Presentation skills
I want to inspire people
“Whilst listening to the hundredth boring presentation at a networking event, a fair or a conference, I started to think to myself: “Why am I even here?” I looked around to see that everyone was extremely bored. Yet, afterwards I heard them all say how great the presentation was. I wouldn’t want to be that person.”
I want to get rid of my fear
“I always prepare myself extremely well when I need to present something. It does help. However, the thought of having to stand there all by myself in front of all those people… It makes my heart pound in my chest, I get a lump in my throat and I forget everything I practiced. There I am. I’ll pull myself through, but it won’t be any more than that.”
I want to interact
“We have a lot of in-house presentations, also as part of meetings, but it seems like no one is picking up on the information. A lot of the participants are on their phone or answering e-mails on their laptop instead of paying attention and actively contributing.”
I want to leave an impression
“In the end, I’m just one out of the many sales representatives with a PowerPoint presentation. The only difference is that our competition uses Prezi or something similarly high-tech and fancy. Customers are always looking for something new, so when we come to talking about our ‘innovative’ company or our unique service the same way everybody else does, it isn’t really convincing.”
What does the training involve?
You don’t need to change your personality to give a presentation.
All you need, is a way to show your passion, to bring your message across and to use your strengths during a presentation, which is exactly what we teach you at Hello Languages!
  • How do I learn to control my stage fright?
  • How can I distinguish myself from the rest?
  • What are the alternatives to PowerPoint or how can I enhance the effect and attractiveness of my PowerPoint?
  • How can I be prepared for everything that could go wrong?
  • How do I keep my voice and body language under control?
  • How can I engage my audience so that they take part in my presentation?
  • How do I motivate them and how can I ensure that they get involved in my presentation?
  • How do I make sure people walk out the room with a feeling of awe, that wow-factor without, forcing myself to become extremely extrovert and eccentric?
in learning how to build interactive and effective presentations for in-house or external presentations?
What do our customers have to say?

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