Legal English
We want to be productive
“Every year it’s the same thing when hiring new junior profiles. The quality and speed simply do not measure up when executing essential tasks in English. I’m referring to with clients, contracts or even simple e-mails. This leads to senior profiles having to invest time into training the newbies, while in fact we desperately need them to work on other cases.”
I want to be prepared
“During our studies we had a subject called Legal English but it was all very theoretical. If you then hear what experienced lawyers and jurists have to say, you start to realise that everything we did in class wasn’t adapted to what law firms or companies are searching for and to what they’re expecting from us.”
I want to be reliable
“We make sure that we’re always up to date: the latest law proposal, procedures. We can’t make any mistakes. Our clients’ trust in us is entirely dependent on our knowledge. Yet I wonder if our language skills are just as reliable and up to date as our knowledge.”
I want to achieve
“I personally don’t feel like I really need to achieve a higher level of legal English. Everyone understands me and vice versa. Additionally, most clients aren’t native speakers either. I would, on the other hand, like to be the best there is, so that my clients know that they can expect the highest quality in all aspects of my services.””
As an official TOLES centre, we prepare (aspiring) lawyers and jurists to adequately and accurately use the English language in a legal context. At Hello Languages, we offer either TOLES preparation or made-to-measure training, in which case, the customized training is completely adapted to the daily reality of the law firm or company.

TOLES stands for Test of Legal English skills and was first developed upon request of one of ‘the big five’ so that they could more easily test their candidates on their legal English skills. After a while, the founder split from Cambridge University in order to distance herself from the academic side and focus more on the professional side of legal English. After the split, the international organisation decided to join hands with the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales to make sure that all the material, the exam and the training would always be up to date.

At our Antwerp centre, it is possible to sit the test, and have it corrected by the exact same examiners in Cambridge. Most preparatory courses are based on our handbooks which also come in handy for self-study. These classes can take place in Antwerp or on-site. Most companies or students who enrolled in our courses are located in Brussels, Leuven, Gent, Luik or Genk and chose to have classes at their premises. However, sometimes even professionals from the Netherlands come to Antwerp to educate themselves on the finer details of the English language in Intellectual Property (IP).

It is also possible, in consultation with our main office, Cambridge Law Studio, to create training content that is completely adapted to the needs of the company or law firm without the intent of preparing for the TOLES exam.


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