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We are missing out on French-speaking customers
“Everyone says that the Flemish market is more than big enough, but honestly, why would you limit yourself to that if you know you’ve got so much to offer? I must admit that we’ve been avoiding the other side of our tiny little country systematically, just because I know that our French isn’t nearly good enough. On the other hand, I am convinced that our services could be useful over there as well!”
They are afraid to speak
“Languages have an enormous influence on our sales and customer service. From the moment French files enter the office, you see people hesitating to pick up the phone, re-reading their mails 3x over or even just putting aside French-speaking prospects. Usually they are just afraid. I’m not sure whether it is with good reason or not, but it doesn’t really leave a professional impression.”
We cannot find bilingual candidates
“It is extremely difficult to find the right people for the right consultancy jobs. We are mostly on the lookout for financial experts, which is already hard to find, but to top things off many of our clients demand bilingual consultants. These candidates seem to be impossible to find, unaffordable or just not good enough! “je tire mon plan”-French just isn’t good enough when it comes to our sector.”
They do not function as they normally would
“One of our sales reps came back an hour late from an introductory presentation in Liège. When I asked him why, he told me he needed much more time to find the words in French to explain the concept. However, seeing that he wanted to offer the exact same service to the customer, it took him 3h instead of 2h, while other colleagues preferred to just cut the information short.”
This is what most companies told us when they called upon the assistance of Hello Languages regarding French classes. Please bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. That’s why we won’t go too far into detail when it comes to previous customer’s experiences:
  • Missing out on the entire French-speaking market and customers, even though there is practically no competition there regarding the services or products the company has to offer.
  • Misunderstandings due to not knowing the difference in politeness, such as de rien versus je vous en prie, the way you communicate with clients, making false promises by saying je vais le faire, while you actually meant to say by the end of the week and not now.
  • The account manager that loses his/her personal flair in French, therefore not being able to win over the customer’s trust, while he/she can perfectly do so in his/her own mother tongue.
  • Losing customers to bilingual competition.
  • Functioning more slowly within the company and communication problems which lead to customer complaints: doesn’t understand the issue, has difficulties understanding the accent, cannot fully explain what he/she means.
  • The expat manager who cannot communicate with his co-workers, be it employees or blue-collar workers.
  • The expat who cannot seem to integrate, does not function as well as in normal circumstances and ends up leaving.

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We can provide private classes as well as in-company group classes  on-site or at our office.

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