Language training
It doesn’t have a big enough impact
“We’ve always worked with the same provider for language courses. Though no one ever complained, we eventually started to notice that there wasn’t much information that got put to use. Then there are those who have a high level on paper, but who in reality can’t hold a decent conversation with customers or colleagues. Don’t even get me started on the managers who have been sent on numerous exclusive courses and are still not able to speak as they should.”
We’re short on bilingual profiles
“I used to work at large organisations where language trainings were spread around like candy. One package, two, three… hoping that one day the employee would achieve the level they needed. Now, working at an SME, I realise that this is impossible for us. We need to know what we’re getting ourselves into, how long it’ll take and, most importantly, what the results will look like! If, in the end, our employees wouldn’t use it in real life, then why bother? To get more questions from customers? To lose more time when writing a simple e-mail? To shift all the work to the only bilingual team member?”
Our USP? No guessing!
We don’t do 20-hour package deals hoping that at some point you’ll make it to the level that you were aiming for, we don’t have a huge database to randomly pick a freelancer based on availability and most importantly, we don’t make any assumptions when it comes to knowing who you are, what you need and how your job or sector works.

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